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For 37 of my 55 years, I have had a chronic illness and for 30 years of them I was a victim. A victim of illness, I basically thought this was my lot and I wallowed in it.

A combination of accepting others opinions, limiting beliefs, pain & a negative mindset kept me there and every time I saw a glimmer of hope, something else would knock me down.

In 2014, I had a huge shift and realised that if I worked on myself I could change my reality and soon after I started to see a huge improvement and started to live my life. Initially, it was just thinking differently and talking to myself in a kinder way. For me, it was a new beginning.

With my newly acquired love of life I set  up a not for profit organisation sharing unconditional love, something that I feel everyone should have. In 7 years we touched the lives of tens of thousands of people and it was truly beautiful. However, in focusing on others I had lost site of my needs. I found my zest for life was dwaining, I was tired, irritable & lost. So, I paused what I was doing and went on a journey of self discovery! I fell in love with Reiki.

I spent time with me, learning, searching, nurturing myself, being kind and being present and guess what? My love, focus, energy & excitement all returned.

Life is beautiful again. Yes I still have problems, we all do. I still have an acute illness. I still get tired. The difference is, now I know how to manage it all.

I can share unconditional love without neglecting myself and I want to show you how to do the same.

With Love

Sue xx

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