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2023 A Year Never to Forget

As we near the end of 2023 a sense of relief passes over us, 2023 has been a year never to forget. We have been tested to our limits and although both exhausted we have to celebrate

from 2022

all that we have endured and survived.

This year has shown us both, if we needed any reminder that we are soul mates, supporting, caring, sharing and determined to navigate the best path for us. We have learnt so much, we have found out who are our true friends and family, who we need to distance ourselves from and who is deserving of our love and attention. Not all of those choices have been easy but all have been necessary.

There have been difficult, heart breaking life choices we have made that have taken us to the brink but in reality, that is what life is about. Learning, failing and trying again.

Life continues to throw us challenges and it is natural for us to to both feel deflated but we do have so much to look forward to, we just need to focus on that rather than the battles still ahead.

Following Stewarts ultrasounds on his shoulders, it is looking like he will need to undergo surgery on one shoulder and steroid injections on the other. We have been patiently waiting to be updated but have now been told, it is for us to chase and push for follow up - shame they didn't tell us the rules had changed! The injuries were incurred during the convulsions and despite continually telling the doctors it has taken 4 months to get a diagnosis. Hopefully these can be repaired. We will be chasing Derriford in the New Year for an appointment as it is essential we get a plan put in place, again it feels like we have been overlooked alongside many others. Illness sucks!

We have been waiting for a drs letter for 3 months to enable us to claim on holiday insurance which would be extremely handy right now but have been told its is not high priority and we have to be patient, we appreciate its not medical but will be another excuse for insurance company to not pay out.

Christmas has been a very quiet affair and in all honesty, for us, was just another day. Its so weird how life can change so much and even weirder that there can be a ticking time bomb in your head that you know nothing about until it erupts. Our life is unrecognisable from what it was and although at times we struggle with the change we are both excited and positive about 2024.

So thank you all for your love, support and concern for our journey up till now, We really do appreciate all the messages, they certainly lift us on difficult days.

if we could give any one a piece of advice it would be: Don't wait, live life on your terms now, take the trip, make memories and live because one day, when you least expect it, everything can change!

See you in 2024!!

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