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Maybe It Wasn't a Stroke, latest update on recovery!

For those of you that have been following our story you will have seen that I didn't post last week and the reason was, I couldn't be arsed lol! I was exhausted, had a busy weekend and just couldn't find the energy. However, in that time I also had a major shift and started the week much more like my normal self.

So updates on Mr Q.

In all honesty we are probably more confused. His latest recovery update is a little confusing. He has seen several Drs & had phone calls from the hospital and they say different things.

Stewart doing a live
he is looking brighter

He has had another scan on his head and they unsure as to whether the bleed is still happening and so are arranging another scan. We have been waiting for the stroke team to come out but they decided he needed the neurological team, just hadn't told anyone. So, we are now awaiting a referral for that. We still have no 'plan' other than doing what he feels like doing. They hope though to stop his anti seizure tablets after the next scan.

His arms are still the main problem with the pain being debilitating at times. His lack of strength means getting out of the chair difficult, having a bath impossible and if there is too much water in the kettle he can't lift it. His legs don't like to move and so he can't walk far but being Mr independent he won't use walking aids and hates me helping or fussing.

Mentally, he is still very slow and this becomes more prevalent if you ask him to do something, he doesn't retain the information as his short term memory is still a problem.

He now has his computer at home and is starting to look at Bike Festival 2024 but can only do a little at a time.

I have had two health scares myself and have been having my share of scans and hospital appointments. If you see me, you won't miss one of them as I have a peculiar 'spot' on my chin that is growing daily. Currently I am on awaiting list but may have to push a little harder as its not nice.

The second one is for a gynae issue, thankfully they don't think its cancer although I need an MRI to confirm this (on Tuesday) and although they would like to give me a hysterectomy, my previous 4 laparotomies & 2 C sections make it a high risk procedure and so it will be reviewed every 6 months.

Now on to some good news!!

I get the keys to my new space on Wednesday, I asked the Universe to deliver a premises that I could manage in wadebridge and she delivered. Buddhas & Bikes is born.

Buddhas will open 11th November and Bikes in April 2024, although we will post regular updates. It is initially gonna be a struggle but I know its the right decision for me at this time. as I develop and grow my business to be able to support us both. Buddhas will of course be about crystals, incense, healing & treatments rooms and Bikes will be bike attire & accessories alongside our print shop. So if you part of a small business, club or band contact us for a competitive quote on your merchandise.

Please follow us on Facebook and I have set up an Instagram page, I am not posting much at the moment but will be as we start moving forward.

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