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Zombie is in the House!

The last 7 days have been full on as I have got the keys for the new unit and I am navigating the transition and decorating and so this weeks blog comes from Stewart.

His words: Zombie is in the house!

So 30/8/23 my life changed, I lost 4 or 5 days where my family went through hell not knowing my outcome. They stood by me & have all come together to help slow the fallout around us. Prior to this happening I was very active, some say too active!! I was spear heading several businesses, BATM scaffolding, Salvage2Reborn, Bike Festival South West, Thunder & was helping my wife with her business, From a Place of Love.

Through my passion of Indian Motorcycles I have also been involved with an event held in Minnesota & we had just returned from this 5 days before this happened.

I thank the staff at Treliske, who looked after me in several departments during my two stays. Under tough circumstances they do a fantastic job. Once you are out it’s a different story. My days consist of struggling to get out of bed due to the pain in my arms & legs, I am on the maximum pain relieve prescribed. Once I have cleaned my teeth I sit in a chair, Sue makes me breakfast, then goes to work. The rest of my day consists of trying to concentrate completing tasks on my computer. Mainly for BFSW 2024, IBW 2024 & my YouTube page. I can only do this in small doses. In between this I sit & watch TV. I have constant pain in my neck, arms & legs.

Another hospital visit
the only time I leave the house

During these last couple of months, I have been amazed at the get well messages which are still coming in & they continue to give me a lift every time I read them, from friends in the UK, Europe & my IBW family in America.

My current situation is that the Doctors are now not 100% if it was a stroke, they are not sure if the seizures came before or after event!! If it was not a stroke they are saying it was a traumatic brain injury, reminds me of buster blood vessel!!

So I am now waiting results of more blood tests, more scans & more Doctors appointments. The stroke team do not want me under them, neither do the neurological team apparently, I am a difficult case!! Who would of expected that!!

To be honest I am very confused as to what is happening & for the foreseeable have to sit at home in pain & wait to see what develops.

I was due to have my filter removed this week, however it was cancelled at the last minute due to an emergency and so am waiting on a new date.

Sue opens Buddhas next week in Wadebridge so if you are around pop in and see her, it is opposite Lidl but current access is around the rear of the building!

Buddha on a motorbike
New logo

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