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Mood Bear - Hope

Mood Bear - Hope

Hope Bear is there for you when you can't see a light and the end of the tunnel. Hope Bear shows you that everything can get better if we just have confidence. Hope is about expectation, optimism and belief, and Hope Bear wants to help you feel all these. 

Hope Bear is coloured with all the shades of the other emotions because every emotion is human and normal and leads you through life, always looking forwards to better things. Hope Bear reminds you that whatever emotion you are feeling at the moment won't last forever; it will change with time: sadness changes to happiness; anger changes to calm; nervousness changes to hope.

Hope Bear has rainbow paw shapes because after a storm, there can be a rainbow, and after sadness, anger, and nervousness, there can be hope. Hope Bear loves to be with you in your dark times, and when the clouds are lifting, and the sun begins to shine again, full of anticipation and hopefulness. Hope Bear wants to see you achieve your goals and share every moment with you.

Hope Bear is bright and colourful and holds all the Mood Bear shades.

Hope wears a beautiful rainbow that will brighten up your days.

When days are really difficult, much harder than it seems, Hope turns the storms into rainbows and helps you reach your dreams.

On days when life just gets you down and feels a little blue,

Hope’s brightly coloured rainbow is always there for you.

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