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Mood Bear - Happy

Mood Bear - Happy

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Happy Bear

Whether you are feeling happy, unsure or in need of a little mood boost, Happy Bear is there for you. Just one look at that sympathetic, cheerful face and bright, sunshine-yellow fur lifts your mood instantly. And irresistibly merry and joyful paw shapes make us smile with pleasure, happiness, and contentment. A simple Bear hug and a smile can wipe away a hundred sad feelings.

Happy Bear encourages a positive mood and a brighter outlook and is always there to listen, whether you have cheerful chatter to share or something more serious to tell and need someone to listen with sympathy. But you don't always have to talk; sometimes it's enough just to have someone there, radiating sympathy and understanding. Sometimes just a simple cuddle will wipe away any grey clouds that are gathering in your head and let in the sunshine.

Happy Bear is a bright yellow bear with a personality that's sunny.

Happy looks on the brighter side of life and loves to be smiley and funny.

Happy brightens everyone's day with just a simple cuddle.

Happy is always there for you if you're feeling in a bit of a muddle.

To hop, skip, jump, and play makes Happy smile with glee. Everyone in Happy's life is as happy as can be.



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