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Mood Bear - Love

Mood Bear - Love

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Love Bear has the biggest, warmest, most generous heart and wants to share love with you every day. From the warm red fur to heart paw shapes, Love Bear radiates affection and tenderness and is all about sharing life, love and laughter with you. We all need love in our lives, and Love Bear helps you to understand and experience the feeling of love. Always there to share cuddles with you, to listen to your secrets, and to be forever on your side. 

Whether you want to tell Love Bear about someone you love, someone you would like to love, or someone who loves you, Love Bear will always listen carefully and understand your feelings. If you don’t want to tell Love Bear about anyone, but just want a big, warm Bear hug, Love Bear will give you what you need and love you unconditionally from the first cuddle.

Love Bear loves all! Big or small, far or near, just a cuddle from this little bear, will make your heart cheer.

Love is all around us, sometimes hard to understand.

A cuddle from this little bear, you’ll feel love from holding hands.

With bright red fuzzy fur, and a warm welcome heart,

You’ll love this little bear, right from the very start.

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