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Mood Bear - Nervous

Mood Bear - Nervous

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Nervous Bear is an excellent listener. With a calming green colour, specially designed to soothe jangled nerves and relax tense muscles. You can tell by Nervous Bear´s face that everything that you are feeling is perfectly understood with empathy and acceptance. Anxious thoughts just melt away in the company of Nervous Bear. Whether you want someone to listen calmly without offering pointless solutions, or you just need a Bear hug to release those agitated, jittery feelings. Nervous Bear will offer comfort, compassion, and patience, never making your emotions seem trivial or irrelevant.

Sometimes it’s so hard to put your feelings into words, but with Nervous Bear, you don’t have to talk; you have someone who will just share your space and offer you as many calming cuddles as you need. Well-chosen paw shapes reflect your feelings perfectly and show you how well the emotions that you are going through are understood. Nervous Bear cannot solve your problems but will always be there to listen, soothe, empathise, and encourage you to vocalise your internal feelings.

If ever you’re feeling anxious or slightly out of sorts.

Spend time telling Nervous Bear all your anxious thoughts.

This bear knows more than most why sometimes we get nervous.

Calming moods and lightning loads, It’s Nervous Bear's sole purpose.

Any friend of Nervous Bear is a lucky friend of course!

So snuggle up with Nervous Bear’s' bright green fluffy paws.

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