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Mood Bear - Silly

Mood Bear - Silly

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Silly Bear is there to share those crazy moments when you can't just sit still and need to go a bit crazy. Sharing your mood, joining in, and never telling you to calm down or grow up. We all need to be silly sometimes, no matter how old we are and Silly Bear is up for a bit of fun no matter what the time of day. 

Silly-faced paw shapes reflect the crazy mood that Silly Bear always feels. When the rest of the world is telling you to stop being annoying or to calm down, Silly Bear will share your mood and join in with your silliness. Silly Bear understands that silly emotions are coursing through you, and you couldn't stop if you wanted. Next time you are feeling silly and crazy, go and find Silly Bear to be frivolous, dippy or just simply silly with you.

When the world gets far too serious, and you’re in need of a giggle,

Silly Bear will be there with the most contagious wiggle.

Telling the funniest jokes, pulling the funniest faces.

Silly is rarely serious, even in the most important places.

Forever having lots of fun, Silly Bear’s face is rarely straight.

So embrace your own silly side, and be silly with your new best mate!

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