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Mood Bears - Sad

Mood Bears - Sad

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Sad Bear is blue, and is always there to help you whenever you feel blue too. Sad-faced paw shapes sympathise with your mood perfectly, and a kind, understanding face will listen to your problems and troubles or sit quietly while you cry it out. Sad Bear loves to be cuddled for hours on end and will never get weary or bored when you talk about your feelings or when you need a shoulder to cry on. Sad Bear understands what you are going through, and will never suggest that you pull yourself together or get over it. Sad Bear won`t offer pointless solutions, just listen, understand, sympathise and keep you company in your worst moments. Sometimes you just feel sad, melancholy or sorrowful, and Sad Bear gives you the time and space you need to express your feeling without criticism or opinion.

  • Sad Bear looks sad and gloomy ,but makes the best of friends.
  • No matter how you are feeling, Sad Bear’s with you as day ends.
  • Sad Bear will calm your nerves, and sooth away your fears.
  • Snuggle you when feeling sad, And wipe away your tears.
  • Sad Bear to you and I, The bear that’s always blue.
  • Sad Bear brings you happiness and is always there for you.
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