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Pink Tourmaline Tower

Pink Tourmaline Tower

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Pink Tourmaline is of great benefit if you feel overwhelmed with anxiety, fear and panic attacks.

It is said to be a heart protector and aphrodisiac, encouraging feelings of safety in love and bringing compassion and wisdom while encouraging inspiration and prosperity.

Apart from being a calming stone that can help settle those suffering from mild anxiety, the stone is recommended to anyone suffering from heavy emotional pain such as heartbreak, grief or depression. Those suffering from panic attacks and are in need of something to aid in calming their sense of inner chaos can also benefit from this gem. The stone represents a love of humanity and humanitarian work, as well as sympathy towards others. Pink tourmaline is perfect for counsellors and healers because it promotes better listening and understanding. It is believed to carry the virtue of love that is unconditional, as well as everlasting friendship.

It is said that pink tourmaline radiates the highest levels of love out of all the tourmaline stones.

Approx. 83mm high. Weight 84g.

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