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Polished Orthoceras Peardrop Fossil

Polished Orthoceras Peardrop Fossil

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Orthoceras Fossil

Each of these fossils is unique. The top side is highly polished and rounded. The back is not polished and is flat.

More About Orthoceras
Orthoceras is related to the squid and the chambered nautilus. It lived 500 million years ago and is now extinct. Orthoceras fossils are most often found on a black background with white and silver flecks. When polished they can look quite striking. It is often said that Orthoceras have protective properties. Spiritually many appreciate the sense of awe holding a fossil such as this can give, holding something that was last alive 400-500 million years ago. 

Orthoceras means “straight horn”. Chambers lined the shell and as the soft body grew it would create a new chamber leaving the old behind. By filling a chamber with air it could achieve some buoyancy and through pushing water out could achieve a level of propulsion. Fossils such as this remind us that energy is transmutable and cannot be destroyed and give us a sense of connection to ancient civilisations who would have also held fossils like these

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