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Awen Rose Pulse Kiss

Awen Rose Pulse Kiss

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Awen Rose is a creamy rose fragrance that blooms like a warm smile. She greets you with lemon balm + mandarin to uplift an anxious mind. She touches your heart with Damask rose + geraniums from around the world, on a cushion of sweet vanilla. Ylang ylang + sandalwood restore your sensuality and ground your body in emotional safety.

Top notes: Mandarin + Melissa + Ho Wood
Heart notes: 5 varieties of Geraniums + Damask Rose
Base notes: Vanilla + Ylang Ylang + Sandalwood

Prickly pear improves elasticity. Passion flower stimulates collagen synthesis. Papaya brightens skin tone. Andiroba reduces swelling. Rosehip erases stretch marks. Pomegranate promotes cellular renewal.

Lovingly handmade with 99.7% natural ingredients.

Lovingly handmade in Devon using pure essential oils + nourishing botanicals to elevate your bliss. Alchemised with crystals + angelic light codes, this golden elixir also acts as an aura shield to soothe + protect your energy. 100% supernatural. Vegan friendly.

How to use: Give the bottle a nice shake to activate the magic. Apply Aura Elixir on the chakras and on pulse points. To transform your shower into a sacred ritual, apply all over wet skin after cleansing, then gently pat dry with a towel.

10 ml / 0.3 fl.oz

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