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Carnelian Macrame Necklace

Carnelian Macrame Necklace

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✨ Carnelian Macramé Necklace ✨

Crystal Size: ca. 4 – 4,5 cm
Crystal: Carnelian (natural stone)
Necklace: ca. 48cm, Faux Leather
♦ This listing is for ONE Carnelian Macramé Necklace- intuitively chosen by us.

Chakras – Base Chakra, Sacral Chakra
Birthstones – July
Zodiac – Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Virgo
Planet – Mars
Element – Fire
Vibration – Numbers 5 and 6

♥ Emotional Warmth ♥ Sociability ♥ Creativity ♥ Individuality ♥ Memory ♥ Appreciation of Nature ♥ Harmony ♥ Courage ♥ Happiness ♥ Self-Esteem ♥ Rebirth ♥ Reincarnation ♥ Past Life Recall ♥

Carnelian is a stabilizing stone which may restore vitality and motivation, and also stimulates creativity. It can give courage, promote positive life choices and also dispel apathy and motivate for success. If you’ve ever lived through something that lays now heavy on your soul, Carnelian may makes it easier for you to process and let go..

Carnelian can be helpful in trusting yourself and your perceptions. It helps to overcome negative conditioning and encourage steadfastness.

Carnelian may improve analytic abilities and clarify perception. It can also sharpen concentration and dispel mental lethargy. It may protects against envy and resentment.

Carnelian can calm anger, banish emotional negativity and replace it with a love of life.
***Please note***
I don’t use any filters on my pictures so what you see is what you will receive. However, these stones always look much better in person!

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