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Mood Bear - Angry

Mood Bear - Angry

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Angry Bear is bright orange in colour, the colour of a fiery temper and with paw shapes that show your feelings are perfectly understood. But Angry Bear isn't there to be angry or annoyed with you, simply there to share your enraged feelings, understand how explosive or deep your furious feelings can be, but also how fleeting. Angry Bear wants to be there for you when you are feeling at your most annoyed, outraged and resentful, to share a cuddle with you and take away some of those difficult feelings. 

Angry Bear wants to help you with those angry thoughts and feelings seeping away while you are cuddling tightly. Angry Bear wants you to know that your feelings are perfectly normal and will patiently wait while you express all your feelings, listen without opinion or comment, and help to soothe that anger away. Angry Bear understands and will not judge, resent or remember.

Angry Bear is orange, just like a fiery temper

But on the inside, really full of love and wants to be your helper.

When you’re feeling angry, and all out of control

Just give this bear a great big squeeze for help to calm your soul.

Angry will take all of your anger, but just won’t let it show

Apart from on those feet, of course, the rest is all let go.

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